We're a new breed of bird hunter.

Educated, skilled and willing to do whatever it takes to get out into the blind, the boat or into the field.

We use all available resources and think outside the box to put more birds on the game strap and we want to include many people in our everyday hunts.

We're a new breed of bird hunter...

...and we're looking for like minded hunters just like us.

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Bird hunting isn't just about chasing birds and trying to fill your turkey tag or limiting out on geese and ducks.
It's about a lifestyle ----- it's about hanging out with the crew and spending time together in the blind or in the field. 

You've shared the fields and marshes with some of the most important people in your life ----- These are the ones who've been there to witness your first kill, the ones who have taught you how to spot birds, call them in close and shoot them ethically while you try and solve the world's problems over sunrises and sunsets. 
These people mean the world to you. 

Wherever you're from or whatever you do ----- when you meet a fellow wingshooter, you've unknowingly just met a new friend that shares more in common with you than some of your closest friends and even relatives. You instantly develop a bond that only another bird hunter can understand.
Sitting around after the hunt telling stories and tall tales over breakfast or beers (or both) while reminiscing about all of the best hunts of the past that you've shared together is what makes this lifestyle something special to be a part of.

No matter how old you are or what level you take your hunting passion to, when you're with your crew ----- the jokes, the laughs, the dogs, the beards, the bands and of course...the birds are what this lifestyle is all about.  It's what drives us crazy, keeps us going and it's ingrained in our everyday lives.

We're GoHuntBirds.com and we are a brand that represents all of the above ----- We're a brand for bird hunters.



A New Generation of Bird Hunter